Ninja Personal Blender Review

Ninja Personal Blender Review

Quick Overview






  • ​Frozen blending
  • ​Convenient design
  • ​Two 16 ounce cups
  • ​700-watt power
  • ​Dishwasher safe


  • ​Inconvenient for manual cleaning
  • ​Quite loud
  • ​Doesn’t stand very well on its own (need to keep it in place)

Blenders are essential to a healthy lifestyle yet it seems that we don’t pay enough attention to choosing the right one. By investing in a good blender, you will be able to make decadent smoothies that taste amazing and packs in all the micronutrients you need to include in a healthy diet.

Along with that, a good blender will be able to work as a food processor as well which means that a variety of new recipes will be available for you to try out.

The market for blenders is so big that it can be difficult to select the best one for your needs. But we have just the blender for you – the Ninja Personal Blender, which, in our option, is one of the best out of all the options available on the market. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer.


Ninja Personal Blender

Ninja is a well-known, high-quality brand that offers users an amazing product that they will love for years to come.

Ninja blenders are available at various price points and you get more or less depending on the blender price, but even when we are looking at an affordable option like this one is, you will still get a great value out of it. This blender runs on 700-watt power which will work perfectly to cover all of your daily health and nutrition needs.

Who is this product for?

For all the health freaks, and for all of you who are trying to make the big switch to healthier living, this blender is for you. By investing in a good-quality blender like this one from Ninja, you will be making a long-term move in providing an effective way to get all the macro- and micronutrients you need in your diet with just a few minutes of food processing.

Fruits and vegetables will become a part of your daily routine, and this blender will become an essential part of your morning green smoothies.

What’s included?

One of the things that people are interested the most about is what is included in the package, and in this case, we can give you a short answer – more than enough to satisfy all your needs. Apart from the 700-watt machine, you will receive two Ninja cups that have a capacity of 16 ounces.

These are great if you are on the go and need something to drink your smoothies out of. And let’s not forget, you also get a 30 recipe guide to start off your healthy blending adventure.

Overview of features

What is so good about Ninja blenders? Almost all their blenders have extraction technology which allows the ingredients to be processed as you want while leaving all the macro- and micronutrients bioavailable – ready for your body to absorb.

This is an important feature as some other processing methods might leave your fruits and vegetables with only a low percentage of bioavailable vitamins and minerals.

Additionally, it includes the renowned pulse technology which will allow you to have better control of the blender. The 700-watt power it runs on is more than enough for your regular needs.

Of course, if you are planning on creating masterpieces that include a lot of heavy use and hard-to-blend ingredients, it might not be enough. Still, for green smoothies, soups, dressings, and even ice cream, the power is perfect.

Although some people claim that it is not easy to hand wash, this shouldn’t represent a problem as the Ninja Personal Blender is dishwasher safe. This means that you do not have to worry about cleanup as you can let your dishwasher do the job for you.

One of the most important features about this blender is the frozen blending feature; as we mentioned, the 700-watt power can support almost anything, and it can definitely support the much-wanted ice crushing and blending process. This is crucial if you plan to blend a lot of summertime smoothies.

Lastly, the 16-ounce cups are great for storing your smoothies and taking them along with you when you are on the go. The lid fits perfectly and you don’t have to worry about potential leaking.

How to use it

It is as easy as assembling the cup to the blender and turning it on. Decide on the mode you will be going for and, in a matter of a few seconds, your smoothie will be freshly made and ready to enjoy.


BonNoces Portable Personal Blender

When we are talking about the so-called personal blenders, this BonNoces is a great alternative to the Ninja. Using a six blade stainless steel system, and coming with a few protection settings, you can be sure that this blender will be a great investment.

Plus, it comes with a 350-ml cup that allows you to take your smoothies on the road with you.

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As you have probably realized by now, the Ninja brand offers high-quality products and buying one of their blenders will never be a mistake. The Ninja Personal Blender is affordable, efficient, and convenient to use – which means it is perfect for your regular daily routine as well as travel.


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