Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher Review

Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher Review

Quick Overview






  • ​BPA free, FDA-tested
  • ​Five triple capacity filters
  • ​Removes chlorine, chromium, lead, mercury, fluoride at high %
  • ​Lifetime guarantee
  • ​Durable


  • ​Pitcher not easy to assemble
  • ​Takes ages to filter a reservoir
  • ​Pricey even though it is still made of plastic

While clean drinking water is available to most of the Western world, some countries don’t have free and stable access to it, and it is becoming a global problem. Still, technology is being developed to find a solution, and it all started with a simple thing called a water purifier.

Water pitcher purifiers are a product that you can get at your local home convenience store or of any online selling website like Amazon. By investing in one, you are sure to get clean drinking water that is free of any harmful substances contained in water from your tap.

But, as the market is so big, it might not be that easy to make the right choice. We compared a few and found that this Aquagear water filter is among the top products of this kind. Let’s see what is so good about it.


Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

Manufactured by the renowned Aquagear brand, this pitcher is a convenient way to turn your tap water into the high-quality drinking water you need. With this filter, you can enjoy those 8 recommended glasses on a daily basis.

What’s great about it is its premium design and the fact that you are doing a good thing both for yourself and the environment as it is 100% vegan-friendly as well. While some might think the price is too high, believe us when we say this product is worth every dollar.

Who is this product for?

To answer this question, you don’t need to think very hard. The Aquagear water purifier is something that everyone should invest in as a part of their kitchen essentials.

We believe that all people should drink clean water free of any heavy metals and unpleasant odors. This high-quality product is an excellent way to get more clean, fresh water in your daily routine.

What’s included?

For the price, you would expect the Aquagear brand to come up with something that is worth your money, right? Well, they did – you get a high-capacity pitcher as well as an essential filter that has a filtering capacity almost three times greater than a regular Brita filter.

Plus, one of the best things about it is the fact that along with this high-quality product you are getting a lifetime guarantee so you can get a new one if yours breaks.

Overview of features

First, Aquagear made sure that their water purifier was both FDA and NSF tested and approved, and as always, they paid extra attention to the fact that it doesn’t contain any BPA (we all know how harmful it can be). This means it is safe for the whole family to use, even babies.

One of the most important features that highlight this product is the triple capacity filter. Yes, the Aquagear filters can filter through more than 140 gallons of water before needing a replacement.

And, along with that, the filters don’t only remove regular heavy metal compounds like mercury, lead, and copper, but do the same with fluoride, chromium, and chlorine as well.

On the other hand, with 2-micron pores, these filters work their magic to save both calcium and magnesium in the water, while removing the harmful substances. It comes with a sleek and convenient design, and will perfectly fit on your kitchen countertop. Although this product is quite durable and not easy to break, you will be getting a lifetime guarantee on it just in case.

How to use it

Aquagear did a really great job designing this pitcher purifier and you will not have a hard time figuring out how to get most out of it. Before any use, you should rinse the filter under cold water. Once you fit it in the pitcher, it is time to fill the reservoir with tap water and enjoy the filtering process.

While it might take a bit longer than with Brita pitchers, these filters will remove a much higher percentage of substances that could potentially be of harm to your overall health.


Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher

Well, to be honest, not a lot of water pitchers could be compared to the Aquagear, but the Clearly Filtered brand did a really good job on their filter. Coming in at a similar price, it complies with all NSF standards, and is BPA-free as well.

The carbon filters will ensure an effective cleaning process and you can be sure that it will leave you with healthy and tasty water at the end of the day.

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While there is not much doubt about whether you need a water pitcher purifier, you might have trouble finding the right one. Still, we think that this Aquagear water filter pitcher stands among the best out there, and is a lifetime investment that you will not regret.


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