How to Purify Water Naturally at Home

How to Purify Water Naturally at Home

Nobody can deny the fact that H2O is essential to all living things, and while humans would be able to survive for a couple of weeks without food, doing the same without water would be almost impossible. In fact, after only a few days without water, you are going to start experiencing serious consequences and shortly after that probably end up in a hospital, or worse.

Drinking water is essential, and major health organizations suggest that you should intake at least 2 liters a day. Still, for some, it is a problem – and to be honest, tap water is not the healthiest to drink either.

This is because tap water contains a lot of manmade chemicals as well as traces of heavy metal compounds such as mercury, lead, and copper.

What Water Should You Purify

One of the most convenient ways to clean your tap water is by using water purifiers that are either based on carbon filters, the process of reverse osmosis, or both. Water purifiers are becoming more popular by the year and it is safe to say that a high percentage of European and American households have one.

Raising awareness about the importance of drinking clean and healthy water was a success – but still, some people either don’t have the resources to afford the purifying method or don’t have access to one. Still, not all is lost for them either as there are a few natural methods which may allow you to purify water from harmful substances. Without further ado, let’s check out the options.

What Water Should You Purify

Well, the answer to this question is pretty simple – almost any. Apart from rainwater, which is already one of the cleanest sources of drinking water but still has some pollution in it, you can also purify tap water or bottled water.

While tap water may contain harmful compounds like iron, mercury, lead, cadmium, as well as chlorine, bottled water is not your best choice either especially due to mass production and the packing process. By purifying the water you drink, you will stay stress-free and know that you are drinking healthy, clean, and tasty H2O.

How to Purify Water Naturally at Home

While for some people it might sound like a daunting task to purify water, it is not. In fact, people have been using certain natural methods for hundreds of year with great success. So, let’s take a look at the best natural purifying methods.

First, you can use the most impressive source of energy that our planet Earth has access to and that is the sun. Yes, you heard us right – it might be as simple as exposing your drinking water to sunlight if you want to get rid of all the unhealthy heavy metal substances as well as pathogens.

Of course, there are certain rules with this method – don’t put your water in PVC or plastic bottles. You should put your tap water into a glass container and leave it for at least 6 hours in direct sunlight.

The heat and the rays will work their way through the water and destroy the potentially harmful substances, leaving you with healthy and clean H2O.

Along with that, one of the most common purifying methods that doesn’t include a water purifier has to be boiling. If you ever went on a camping trip, you are surely familiar with this effective method – the boiling temperature will do great things when it comes to the killing of pathogens and removing traces of harmful metals.

How to Purify Water Naturally at Home

Still, you should boil your water for at least 4-5 minutes, and add another minute for every additional 300 meters above sea level that you are. Water purified through the boiling method is safe to drink, and it certainly is the cheapest way to do so.

Last but not least is purifying your water using so-called gravity filters. By draining at the bottom and pouring from the top, your water will be filtered through the use of sand and activated charcoal that stand as relevant filters. This method is especially effective if you are dealing with harmful bacteria and microbes.

​Final Thoughts

As you can see, purifying your water to make it safe and healthy does not have to be expensive. Although a water purifier will do an excellent job when it comes to cleaning your tap water, there are a few DIY methods that can allow for effective results as well.

However, our recommendation is to combine at least two of the above methods to ensure your water is completely purified.

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