BWT Premium Water Filter Pitcher Review

BWT Premium Water Filter Pitcher Review

Quick Overview






  • ​Magnesium technology
  • ​Effective filters
  • ​Antimicrobial protection
  • ​NSF certified
  • ​Easy to fill


  • ​Not as sturdy as hoped
  • ​Unreliable display
  • ​Pitcher not easy to disassemble

Water. It is essential to all life on earth, and that makes it the best drink on the planet. Not alcohol, coffee, juice, milk or tea can compare to the number of health benefits that clean water can give you.

But, unless you plan on spending a large amount of your hard-earned money on drinking bottled water every day, tap water is still the best way to go.

However, tap water is not as clean as we might like to think. That is where a water filter purifier comes in handy and plays a huge role. This product is becoming more popular by the year, and to be honest, the market nowadays is huge.

We did our research and found out that the BWT Premium Water Filter Pitcher is on top of the list for best water filter pitchers. Read on to find out more about it.


BWT Premium Water Filter Pitcher

While certain brands like Aquagear and Brita might be more popular, this BWT filter works great if you are looking for an affordable water pitcher that will leave you with a healthy H2O every day. The most important thing is that heavy metal compounds are removed so that your water is safe for the whole family to drink.

Who is this product for?

Numerous public health organizations and nutritional consultants suggest we should all drink at least 2 liters of water a day as an absolute minimum. And the most convenient way to do so is to fill your glass with tap water a few times during the day.

But that tap water can contain lead, fluoride, cadmium, mercury, chlorine, and other substances that could cause potential damage to your overall health. That is why investing in a BWT water purifier pitcher is a long-term strategy that will be worth every dollar, and everyone should have one in their home.

What’s included?

Coming with a large-capacity pitcher and highly effective filter, this BWT Premium filter is absolutely worth its price. Being of great value, the filters will last you a long time, and pack an Mg2+ feature to go along with it.

While the box itself only contains the pitcher and the filter, it is everything you need to have access to clean, healthy water every day.

Overview of features

Well, let’s start off by talking about the revolutionizing Mg2+ feature that not a lot of water pitcher purifiers have. The BWT will not only remove any possible harmful substances including bacteria, copper, chlorine, lead, mercury, and chlorine, but it will also promote the levels of magnesium in your drinking water.

And why is that important? Magnesium is one of the essential minerals that are important for your overall health and will give the water an even better taste.

The design of this water purifier is unsurpassed and that is something that it was proven in numerous competitions where it received awards for its sleek and convenient design. The design itself is what makes this purifier so easy and effective to use.

When we are talking about filters, this purifier comes with some of the highest quality filters out there. First, the process of filtering doesn’t require any kind of presoaking which is not the case with most other products in this category.

Along with that, the silver that the filters contain is going to assure anti-bacterial protection, and allow the filters to last you a long time.

Plus, you will not have a problem with filter traces stacking up at the bottom of the pitcher – and you can be sure that the purifier is going to run at the same efficiency even after a few years of use (with the proper maintenance). This BWT product is also NSF certified and FDA tested so you can be sure that this is a top-notch product.

How to use it

This filter contains nothing complicated and it is very similar to other purifiers. However, it does have one major difference – you don’t have to presoak the filters, and for some people, this is a relief.

Apart from that, there is nothing much other than fitting the filter the right way and filling the pitcher’s reservoir with tap water. After that, you let the purifier do its magic.


Waterdrop Extream Long-Lasting Water Pitcher

Using Japanese ACF filter technology, this product can stand almost right next to the BWT Premium Water Filter. It is BPA-free and with the use of Tritan material, it allows for the removal of harmful substances and promotion of minerals such as calcium and magnesium.​

Plus, there is an electronic filter indicator included that will let you know once it is time for a replacement.

Also check our article on the “​Best Water Purifier Pitchers of 2019 Complete Reviews with Comparison“, for more ​water filter choices.


A water purifier is an excellent investment, and to be honest, not a lot of products stand at a price that BWT does while still offering quality. We think that this is one of the best value-for-money purifiers out there and you can’t go wrong with it.


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